YA paranormal romance novelist and author of the Velvet Trilogy

Temple West | YA paranormal romance novelist and author of the Velvet Trilogy

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It’s not very common that I give a book five stars, and it’s pretty much nonexistent that I can’t find a single thing I dislike about it. This book is like no vampire book I have ever read before. It’s easily one of my favorite 2015 reads by far [and] I can’t remember the last time I openly gasped and laughed and cried while reading a book. I definitely don’t remember the last time I had to put a book down and take deep breaths because I was smiling so much.
— Jessica (Goodreads)
This romantic Twilight readalike shines with credible dialogue and fully developed characters. Paranormal fans...will cheer and eagerly await the cliff-hanger’s resolution in the sequel.
— School Library Review (Cindy Wall, Southington Library & Museum, CT)
The main character, Caitlin, is an orphan; the death of her mom being more recent in the story. Having recently lost my mom, too, I could relate a lot to what Caitlin was going through. You’re mad at everyone, even yourself, and you just want to be alone. I don’t know how Temple West managed to accurately sum up the feelings of someone who just lost a parent to cancer, but she did. Yes, it’s awful, but in regard to her book it only adds authenticity to the story.
— Beth (9th Companion)
[D]on’t let yourself think it’s just like every other teenage vampire-human love story you’ve read before. You’d be like me, and you’d be wrong. With a story that’s centered around unique vampire lore and infused with dynamic characters, what I had assumed would be a ridiculous trope-filled novel actually turned into a book that I simply couldn’t put down.
— Christina (Book Hookup)
I have read just about every book YA has to offer and [Velvet] got five stars from me! I don’t give books five stars often. I finished Velvet in one night.
— Sarah Pearson
Fantastic. I loved the way the relationship between Caitlin and Adrian, and also between her and her family, were so carefully developed. I also loved the amount of humor and banter. Some bits had me laughing out loud! Brilliant and definitely worth 5 stars.
— Kate Priestley (Swoon Reads)
This was exactly what I wanted to read. There’s snark and swoons and awesome friends {Trish FTW!} and fighting and even more snark.

I adored being in Caitlin’s head. Her inner monologue was a lot of fun. And don’t get me started on Adrian. I loved that they were together for most of the book because their banter was hilarious.
— Stacee (Goodreads)
West put her own unique spin on vampires and I found the world she created very fascinating.
— Dark Faerie Tales (Goodreads)
This was a beautiful story about forbidden love and the perks of being a girl lost in life. Her emotions were so deeply described that made me feel like I am the one going through her problems. I would highly recommend this book to anyone!! It’s just another fantasy masterpiece written down.
— Elena Jimenez (Goodreads)
I am an avid reader of almost anything, but when I find something that brings my heart and mind to life it’s like nothing else in the world. Your work “Velvet” has taken a much used topic and made it new and refreshing. Just to say I enjoyed your book would be trivial and understated. I could not put it down (literally).
— Chris Coyle
This is just straight up good and steamy! The author has a great voice—fresh, fun and clearly talented. An excellent mix of hip and quirky with the right dash of romance.
— T.S. Reeds (Swoon Reads)
This steamy YA vamp romance leaves me wanting my own hunky vampire bodyguard.
— Daniel Nenadovic (Swoon Reads)
I could not. Stop. Reading. There better be a sequel! I loved the humor and the dialogue. Thumbs up!
— Raimy Faere (Swoon Reads)
By the quotes alone this book deserves five stars.
— Ri (Goodreads)
The way Temple West described the vampire condition in such a scientific explanation was genius. [T]he fact that she made it seemingly realistic was absolutely brilliant.
— Natalie (Reading Teen)
5/5 Stars — Velvet by Temple West was absolutely stunning.
— Sabrina (Goodreads)
Oh, Twilight, I thought I was in love. But while I will always look fondly on my memories of Edward and Jacob, there’s a new vampire in my life named Adrian de la Mara.
— Katie Van Ark (Goodreads)
I adored Caitlin. From the first sentence she uttered, she had me. Even with this rage that she carries, she is a completely relate-able, utterly lovable character.
— Jaime (The Best Books Ever)
I loved this book so much. I had so much fun reading it and when I came to the end I wanted to keep reading and wished I had book two to read because lordy lordy I need more of Caitlin and Adrian.
— Tee Loves Kyle Jacobson (Goodreads)
I need Adrian and Caitlin to get their HEA, they both deserve it. This is the first Temple West book I’ve read and I will definitely be reading more from her.
— Heather (Goodreads)
I want you to look past the few opening scenes that remind you of Twilight and focus on the wonderful funny story that actually fills its pages. If there is a second book (after that ending there better be) not only do I plan on reading it, but I think it will be even better than the first book based on how Velvet ended.
— Kay (Goodreads)
I spent a good part of this book laughing. I was holed up in my room giggling at all the crazy things that Caitlin and Adrian were doing and the things that happened to them.
— Taylor Knight (Goodreads)
When you read Velvet, remember to look for the little spoon scene. I love that so much I’m still kind of grinning, thinking about it.
— Kimberly Karalius (author of Love Fortunes & Other Disasters)
Caitlin’s just a cool, well-developed character. I felt sorry for her without ever feeling SORRY for her, if that makes any sense whatsoever. I felt awful about her situation, but she had this inner strength that let me know she’d be okay.
— Karole Cozz (author of How to Say I Love You Out Loud)
I simple adored the friendship between Adrian and Caitlin. They have the greatest chemistry, banter and sarcasm and were so incredibly funny, sweet and cute with real moments that made me smile all big and stupid. Forbidden romance and rules be damned. These two belong together. Period.
— Tina (Goodreads)
I couldn’t help but like Caitlin. Her grief felt real and I liked her quick, witty, banter with Adrian. Temple West’s writing was genuinely funny without feeling forced.
— Emily (Falling for YA)
— Andrew (Endlessly Reading)
I am absolutely more hesitant nowadays with vampire stories than I used to be. I wasn’t so sure about Velvet to begin with. And I am more than happy to say that I LOVED THE HECK OUT OF THIS BOOK!
— Jaime Lester (Goodreads)
Speaking of “there is no dull moment,” the writing. It’s sooo natural. Like Temple West is talking to you. And I ALWAYS ENJOY BOOKS LIKE THAT.
— Erinn (Celestial Pages)
Unlike most paranormal books, this one explains how and why and what exactly vampires are. Usually we’re told they’re vampires “just because” or they don’t know why, or it just happened. It was great to have some concrete details on the matter.
— Rachel (A Perfection Called Books)
You guys thought the Vampire theme is tired out? Oh, no. Temple West’s vamps will not blind you by sparkling under the sun or bursting into flames. And in the place of cheesy “romantic” lines, is banter for days.
— Genissa
West walks the fine line of both a very light and dark story in its themes and plot line, which was great to see. Too often we see books that are very light and fun or very serious and dark in YA.
— Dana (Dana Square)
I am totally all for YA paranormal romance and have read hundreds and this has definitely made my top ten! AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FIRST PAGE? IT TOTALLY GOT ME SUCKED IN OFF THE BAT, I WAS LAUGHING NONSTOP. AT THE FIRST FREAKING SENTENCE!! I read it in a day....when I should be studying for finals but oh well, let me fail, I LOVED THIS BOOK.
— Maria Stanley (Goodreads)
I could have read this in a couple days (hey slow reader) but unfortunately work interfered but still the last day of reading was about 80 pages in-between customers. Luckily I own the store so no boss to yell at me. Good thing the morning was slow because I kept laughing out loud, screaming, and getting choked up. Tears at the end. I was an emotional wreak. Loved every moment.
— Rosemary (Goodreads)
The humor was definitely a highlight, and the romance was perfect. I’m very interested in where this tale goes next. I have a theory... I’ll have to wait and see if I’m right.
— Stephanie (Goodreads)
The other characters were well written with distinct personalities and unique details - especially the secondary characters of Adrian and Trish. By the end of the book, I felt as if I personally knew these three characters
— Stephanie Ward (Goodreads)
This was the first YA paranormal romance that really impressed me in quite awhile.
— Kaitlin (Reading Is My Treasure)
There are funny parts. Seriously funny. So many pop culture references and witty banter. Take a moment to imagine an 18-year-old vampire as part of the Harry Potter fandom and admitting to owning merchandise from the franchise.
— Beth (9th Companion)

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