YA paranormal romance novelist and author of the Velvet Trilogy

Temple West | YA paranormal romance novelist and author of the Velvet Trilogy

I'm Publishing a New Book! Unexpectedly!

As some of you know, 2018 has been a weird year. I mean, both globally weird and personally also very weird. I’ve been doing a lot of work digging into my brain to deal with my depression and anxiety, which has taken up all of my creative, physical, and emotional energy for the past eight months. I feel like I’m reaching a tipping point where instead of a grueling uphill climb, it might actually level out a bit, which would be a welcome reprieve.

Which is the short answer to, “Why isn’t the third book in the Velvet Trilogy out yet?”

The long answer has to do with that plus crippling perfectionism, a small identity crisis, and the fact that third books are nothing like second books (which are nothing like first books) in a series.

However, I do have a new book for you. A short, meaty little beast called Brace for Impact. It’s a collection of poetry I’ve written over the past decade, edited and spruced up and organized by life category. It’s deeply personal, which is why I didn’t publish something like this five or ten years ago. But hell, I’m facing a milestone birthday next year so it’s about time I started taking some risks.

A quick disclaimer for my younger readers: this book may not be for you. Or rather, it may not be for you yet. While I would never forbid anyone from reading anything, my general counsel would be to wait on this book until you’re 18-ish or older, simply because of content (the book deals with everything from sex to depression) and some language usage (I drop a couple f-bombs).

If you don’t think you’re ready to read that kind of content, I totally understand. If you really need to learn about these kinds of things and this is one resource for that, then you have my blessing (though please, for your own sake, make this one source of many, including family and friends and trusted mentors — books are great, but conversation can be extremely helpful, too).

Anyway, Brace for Impact is available for pre-order now and will officially release on December 3, 2018.

Thank you so much for your patience with the Velvet Trilogy. I know that taking the time to take care of myself means that you have to wait longer to find out what happens with Cait and Adrian, but I promise the story will be better for it.

Love to all the big spoons out there,


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