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Temple West | YA paranormal romance novelist and author of the Velvet Trilogy

First Annual Fan Fiction Contest

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the First Annual Temple West Fight-to-the-Death Fan Fiction Competition!

The rules are simple. The prize is superb. Will you be the victor, or will you be kicked to the curb?

All right, I'm done rhyming. In all seriousness, there is a real fan fiction competition. It will run the month of March and the prize is getting to be a BETA reader for the third book in the Velvet Trilogy. Check out the rules and contest details below.

You could write a scene for these two nerds right here.



Entry must be between 500 and 2000 words.

Entry must include at least two characters from Velvet and/or Cashmere.

Entry must adhere to the internal logic of the Velvet Trilogy. i.e. no putting characters on a space station or in the era of dinosaurs, etc.

Entry must be in first person, but can be written from any character's perspective. It can even be written from the perspective of a character you create (BUT the scene must still include at least two real characters from the books).

Entry can reference events that happen in the books, but the entry cannot be a retelling of a scene from either Velvet or Cashmere. Scene must original.

Entry must include the phrase, "Well, that was unexpected."

Entry must be submitted using contact form on www.ByTempleWest.com. You are also encouraged (but not required) to post the entry on your blog or website with a link to the contest.

Entries will be disqualified for overtly erotic / sexual content or gratuitous violence. If you're uncertain, please contact Temple West before submitting.


  • First and last name

  • Social media handle(s)

  • Blog / website URL


March 3 - March 31 (contest closes midnight PST)


Temple West will choose the top 5 entries and announce them by April 3. Voting will be open from April 3 - April 7. Entry with the highest number of votes wins.


Winner will become a BETA reader for Temple West during the writing and editing of the third book of the Velvet Trilogy. His or her feedback will help shape and inform the plot, pacing, and story. Winner agrees not to share any information about the third book until its publication.


Winner will also receive feedback from Temple West on their own, personal work-in-progress. Temple will mentor the winner through the completion of the first draft of their story or novel.


Failure to adhere to any of the posted rules will result in immediate disqualification. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the contact form.

Please be advised: the top five entries will be posted PUBLICLY on www.ByTempleWest.com (as well as on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) with name / handle of entrant.

Let the nerdery commence.