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Temple West | YA paranormal romance novelist and author of the Velvet Trilogy

Literary Doppleganger & #VelvetForChristmas Contest Winners!

Happy new year, everyone!

It's a fantastic Monday. I've just finished the latest draft of Cashmere and I've chosen the winners to the Literary Doppleganger and #VelvetForChristmas contests. I loved seeing everyone's entries and I hope you guys enjoyed the contest!

If you did not win these two contests, don't worry! There will be more contests and more changes to win book swag and even the books themselves.

I'm also super close to finalizing the cover and will be having a reveal in the next week or two! Also: several more book trailers for Cashmere will be premiering over the next month before the book's release! Want to help spread the word? Contact me!

Without further ado, I give you the winners of the 75th Annual Hunger Gam--

Wait, wrong contest.

I give you the winner of the Literary Doppleganger Contest!


Photo by Danika Stone, check her out on Instagram!

Don't you want to see Danika kick butt in a movie as a warrior princess? Because I do.

Thank you so much Danika, your picture is amazing! I shall be sending you your Cashmere bookmark in the next few weeks!

As for the winner of the #VelvetForChristmas Contest, our winner is.....


Cheyenne wins a signed copy of Velvet, a personal copy of the not-yet-released prologue to Cashmere, and a belated Christmas letter from me. Thank you for your awesome entry Cheyenne, I'll be contacting you shortly about your prize!

Once again, thank you to everyone who entered!

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Happy new year!