YA paranormal romance novelist and author of the Velvet Trilogy

Temple West | YA paranormal romance novelist and author of the Velvet Trilogy

I am Toast

"Merry Christmas, everyone!" she said, feigning cheer as she sat in her sweatpants with a low-grade headache wishing she had an iota of real energy to spare. The poor author was tired. 

She was also talking about herself in the third person.


Hey guys. It's me. I tend to prefer vlogs over blogs because they're more fun and, y'know, visual, but today I'm not much better-looking or entertaining than a slightly over-burnt piece of unbuttered toast, so blog it is. 

I'm tired. It's been a stressful year for a lot of reasons, not even taking into account the global insanity of politics and wars and coups and crises. I wrote the majority of Cashmere in 17 days. I get these weird spurts of self-discipline and focus, and then think that said self-discipline and energy is a new habit, not a random glitch in my code, and that I will be able to maintain that kind of productivity indefinitely. When I inevitably begin to shut down, it comes as a great and irritating surprise. Hence me sitting at my kitchen table in my sweatpants with a headache writing a blog post instead of filming a fun, cheerful vlog.

I should be editing Cashmere right now, but, well, I'm not. I got some really fantastic notes back from a beta reader and while I think every suggestion was spot-on, the scope of the edits has been daunting and I've run out of spare energy. I'm also juggling several massive projects while working a regular job. My screenwriting partner and I just submitted a pilot last week after two back-to-back 5-hour FaceTime writing sessions. The long and short of it is, it's been a long year and I'm a little burnt-out. Evidence: me at the beginning of 2016 vs. the end:

Let's do this.

Can I please go back to sleep?

Being an author is not the most difficult job in the world (shout out to my soldiers, nurses, teachers, and winter valet parking attendants anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line), but it is extraordinarily lonely sometimes. Tack on curating contests and giveaways, creating content and marketing materials, managing social accounts, figuring out international distribution rights, commissioning cover art, writing / directing / producing / editing / color-correcting / animating book trailers, organizing a launch party, designing and maintaining an author site, and answering reader e-mails, and it can become overwhelming.

But I love it. Honestly, I love all of it. I'm just a little tired. So send good Christmas thoughts my way. Just need to get this last push done on Cashmere and then I can sit back on February 14 and bask for a whole day in the joy of finishing another novel before I jump right back into working on the final book in the trilogy.

I'm gonna go chug some coffee and get to work. Wish me luck. And enter my literary doppleganger contest if you want a free bookmark. Because who doesn't want a free bookmark? 

Merry Christmas, everyone. Love,