YA paranormal romance novelist and author of the Velvet Trilogy

Temple West | YA paranormal romance novelist and author of the Velvet Trilogy

It's My Birthday, I Can Launch an Author Website if I Want To

It's 12:20 in the morning on October 29th, so I can officially write the inaugural day-of launch post for this brand-spankin' new author website.  I should probably look up celebration GIFs, but to be honest, my brain is so fried that I'm mostly just happy it's still sending signals for my hands to type on the keyboard thing where digital words go to be manually born.

Am I waxing poetic? I tend to do that after midnight. I also think my left eye is twitching a little.

Back to the website. Isn't it pretty? I'm so ridiculously proud of it. I mean, it's not like I coded the thing from scratch, but I still put a ton of work into it, agonizing over header pictures, bio material, logos, domain names, figuring out how to make the template work in ways it didn't necessarily want to work...

It was a bit like writing a book, actually.  I kind of just bullshitted my way through the dark mire of website-building until I sort of had some stuff figured out.  Ha! That's today's creative writing advice: bullshit until you figure stuff out. A solid artistic approach.

Anyway,  I hope you wander around the site, admire the pretty things, ignore any glitches (although for real, if there are any, please let me know), and continue to be your lovely, unique, delightful self.

I'm going to go sleep now. Happy birthday, everyone!